Longarm Quilting by Mandy
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Quilting Prices
Rates are for a pantograph pattern in one thread color. 

Minimum Charge:  $35.00

All pricing is by the square inch.  Quilt size is calculated to the next full inch.                                  (Example: 80 1/2" becomes 81") 

Edge to Edge pantographs:  we have many designs to choose from. Prices start at 0.02  per square inch.   We have a limited variety of very simple edge to edge pantographs are billed at 0.015 cents.

How to figure the cost:  Width x Length = sq inches x 0.02 = quilting charge​

Preparing Your Quilt For Longarm Quilting Services
1.  Quilt top and backing should be pressed flat. 
2.  Check to be sure all seams are sewn securely. 
3.  Remove loose threads on the front, back and sides of the quilt top and  backing. Trailing dark threads can detract from the quilt if they are caught between layers. 
4.  Backing and batting need to be at least 6-8 inches longer and wider than the quilt top on each edge. 
5.  Do not baste or pin the layers together. 
6.  If  the backing needs to be pieced, sew the pieces together with a 1/2 inch seam and press open. 
7.  Be sure your backing is trimmed square and even on all sides. 
8.  To avoid confusion, label the quilt front and back indicating the "top" of each. 
9.  Quilts with embellishments cannot be quilted. Plan to add them after the quilting is completed. 

**Your quilt will be quilted in the condition it is received and will be free of puckers, pleats, and tucks as your piecing will allow. **
Additional Add-On Items
Batting - You may supply your own batting or purchase batting from us. We use Quilter's Dream Batting - price quoted at time of order.                          Fusible batting is not recommended.

Additional Charges:

Rush Orders - 50% surcharge with a $35.00 minimum

If your quilt needs extra work prior to quilting, for example:  piecing or squaring up the back, trimming threads or ironing, and other services needed to prepare the quilt for the longarm quilting machine, there is an additional charge of $20/hour - with a one-hour minimum.  Please be sure to prepare your quilt properly by referring to the above instructions.

A 50% deposit is required prior to commencement of work.

​Prices subject to change without notice.